Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Lessons...

This week we had a lot of fun discussing Thanksgiving. I loved describing this holiday to my boys (ages 4 and 2) because I truly love this holiday. We read many of these books, some were from the public library and some were books I own from my teaching days.

I found a ton of great printables to use this week! I decided instead of printing them all and trying to do them all, I would pick and choose what I thought would work best for my boys! Oh the joys of doing preschool myself, I get to choose! Thanks to all the great resources I keep finding!

 So first we colored turkeys and worked on colors and color words from 1+1+1=1 here
Color the Turkey-Preschool Pack.
CA loves to color!!!

JP working hard to stay in the lines! I allowed him to do his independently by color coding the words for him.

Next we worked on an awesome  "Turkey, Turkey, What do you See Printable" at
Playing With Words 365  which was a fabulous mini book all about what foods we will eat at Thanksgiving. My boys loved reading this book and then gluing in the correct foods on each page. I didn't grab the camera for this one, sorry. It is a great activity that I highly recommend.
 One of my favorite activities in my preschool activities is teaching CA and JP the Word of God. I want our boys to hide God's word in their heart and what is better than starting at an early age. I am thankful for the awesome preschool blogging sites that offer such great resources for scripture learning. This week we learned "Be thankful to Him and bless His name. For the Lord is good. Psalm 100:4b". I too am learning scripture with my boys each week and I LOVE that! Click on this link to see the verse and activities we did this week.
Totally Tots-In My Heart

We also worked on vocabulary words and the concept of large, medium and small in relation to sizes from this awesome Thanksgiving Printable Pack at.
Preschool Corner

I wanted to do more Thanksgiving crafts, especially the ones where you trace your sweet children's hands to make a turkey, you know the ones I am thinking of. But oh no, my sweet 4 year old did not think "tracing" his hand would be fun, so I didn't push it. Maybe we will get to it the week of Thanksgiving. :)

I am very grateful to be teaching my boys while they are home with me. I never imagined I would have this much fun!

I don't recall what my cherubs were doing here, but I thought it was funny and this time I grabbed the camera! Silly boys who I love so! Oh and yes, we do work in our pjs often! 

This week I am linking up to Preschool Corner here. Be sure to check out what other awesome mommies are doing with their precious little ones.

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  1. looks like a fun week. We often do school in princess dresses so much fun


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