Sunday, January 1, 2012

We are excited about Curious George!

The boys and I are all excited about this week's learning theme:

The boys LOVE Curious George and all of his adventures!

 A while back Beth at Living Life Intentionally posted this awesome preschool pack Curious George Free Printable that I knew would be a huge hit with my boys! So I immediately bookmarked it and then printed the whole packet( I typically pick and choose which activities to print). Today I reviewed it and got it ready in lapbook form and realized it is going to be awesome for JP(age 4), but I probably need something for CA(age 2 1/2) too. So off I went to searching and found this awesome Curious George Tot book for him at One Little, Two little. I also found Curious George books at the library and lots of fun games and printables at the PBS site! I also dvred all 5 episodes that will be on this week. We are super excited about our week of learning ahead of us! Check back later this week when I blog all about our fun week!

Also on a site note,  I had a wonderful afternoon at the public library ALONE last week! I am such a dork, I know, but I had a lot of fun taking my "lesson plan" book and my calendar and planning out our second semester of preschool all by myself while my sweet family napped at home. I know it's bad when the sweet children's librarian knows me and realizes I am alone and asks where the boys are. :) I shared with her, next to my home and my former classrooms, the library is my "happy place"!

Happy New Year of learning to all of you!

Feel free to leave me a comment about your plans for the week! I LOVE comments and try very hard to reply to each one!

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  1. How fun!! My daughter loves Curious George. She claims to have a playdate with him every day. Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  2. Hi Carrie! You are welcome! Thanks for hosting the fun linky party! My boys are having a blast with this theme this morning!

  3. We love Curious George too!


  4. Trina,

    Thanks for linking back to me =-) I linked you up on the Curious George Printable page. I love the Tot book you found - super cute.

    Happy New Year,
    Beth =-)

  5. We love Curious George around here too and I plan on doing that pack with Liam later on in the year.
    Can't wait to see your post and get some inspiration. :)

  6. Thank you all for the sweet comments! We have had a blast with this theme! I am almost ready to start the post with pics of my boys learning so much and having lots of fun with Curious George!


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