Monday, August 27, 2012

Muffin Tin Meals and Snacks!

My boys LOVE muffin tin meals! I don't know what is so fun about eating a meal out of muffin tin meal, but it adds a lot of excitement to lunch at our house! Lunch is not my favorite meal of the day anyways, so whatever I can do to spruce it up is fine by me. I find lunch can become boring and mundane, even for me. I am not really a sandwich kind of gal, unless it is loaded with all the yummy veggies like at Subway or something. So I try to make a muffin tin meal at least once or twice a week. I don't always add anything too spectacular or even introduce new foods too often, I just enjoy presenting it this way. I do like offering six foods with a lot of them being fruits or veggies. Here are a few we have had recently that the boys devoured.

In this meal I served carrots, cottage cheese with sprinkles, turkey deli meat rolled up, grapes, pretzels, peanuts for CA and craisins for JP.

Then one afternoon I served this snack while I cooked dinner. They loved it! They ate delicious golden apple slices, round crackers, carrots, and grapes.

Feel free to check out other awesome Muffin Tin Meals here:

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