Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Chore Chart-Tic Tac Toe Style

I have seen so many awesome ideas in the blogging world of how to have your preschoolers help with chores and tasks at home. I have wanted to try a new system for a while now. Then last week I saw an awesome idea at School Time Snippets that I thought was brilliant. This amazing mama made a tic tac toe chore chart for her son to work on in the mornings. I loved this idea so I ran to my computer to do the same! I too thought of things my kids do regularly, but I also added a few new tasks. With sweet baby #3 joining us very soon, this mama needs all the help I can get! And my boys LOVED this new idea and chart! They jumped on their chores immediately and got to work. It was so great!

We are teaching our boys that we are a family and we all work together to keep our home orderly, but it really helped to have a visual and active tool for them to use.

 JP and CA were quite proud of their hard work and new charts!

The jobs on the chart are:
  • Put books on bookshelf
  • Put clothes away in laundry basket
  • Pick up toys
  • Set the table
  • Sort silverware
  • Clean playroom
  • Get dressed (this can be a "chore" some days!)
  • Make bed
JP quickly made all three beds, including mine!

CA sorted the clean silverware after I ran the dishwasher.

CA pushed clean laundry to my room to be folded!

CA proudly making "x"s on his chart!
I made a 3x3 chart with a "Mommy's choice" in the middle. You are welcome to click here for a free printable of our chart to use for you and your family!

Thank you Kristina at School Time Snippets for an awesome idea working beautifully in our home!


  1. I LOVE it!! Your boys look thrilled to be helping out : ) So glad it is working in your home! Two weeks in, Tyler still loves to do his "chores." Although, I may have to switch some squares around because he has his "favorites." Lol!

    Thanks for linking back to me!

  2. Saw this on Kristina's blog. So great. Just poking around here partly to see if there's a baby yet. Hang in there. So excited for you.


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