Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Apples, Apples, Apples!

The boys and I are having a lot of fun working on learning new things together. In September we learned all about apples. We read apple books, tasted different apples, painted with apples, wrote the letter A over and over again. To top off our awesome week of apple learning we baked an amazing apple cake together! Overall we just had fun. I really hope to make it to the one apple orchard that I have found in the DFW area at some point, although it is an hour and half away and they (as all Texans) had a rough and hot summer. We'll see. But I do think that would be so fun to go and pick apples. We did this a few years ago in Colorado when the boys were littler and it was so fun!

The boys are still receptive to the things I am trying to teach them and when JP says he is "done" we stop. I want to keep it fun!
Here are some pictures of our fun week with apples.

JP matching magnetic letters to flash cards.

Our apple books
 I actually got really brave (for me at least) and bought temperant paint! Then we painted with apples!

Sorting letters by color.

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