Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodnight Moon unit

We had a lot of fun reading and doing fun activities with the book Goodnight Moon by Margaret Brown Wise. This is a loved, favorite book in our home! So it was fun to do activities with this book since we have read it so many times.

I found some great activities at Homeschool Share.
We read the book each day. We discussed rhyming words. We practiced "jumping over the moon" together. We also did a an activity on the link above where the boys listened to the story and sorted pictures by who was said goodnight to and who wasn't. We also learned the riddle "Hey Diddle, Diddle." By the end of the week both boys had it memorized.   We had lots of fun with a fun, favorite book!

 We also have a Goodnight Moon Counting Game that JP enjoyed working. He matched the numbers to the objects and then put them in numerical order.
JP matching the numbers.

Here is a video of JP putting the cards in numerical order. Try not to count how many times I say, "Try that again." He was beginning to get a little silly!

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