Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall and Pumpkins...

We have had a great time reading and learning about Fall and pumpkins. These two themes really ran together these past 2 weeks.

We used an awesome Fall fun learning  printable from Homeschool Creations. It includes vocabulary cards, shadow matching pictures, a 10 piece puzzle, tracing activities, pattern activities, sorting by size and lots of fun!

More awesome activities for fall and pumpkins can be found here at Totally Tots.

We actually began this unit with an field trip to a pumpkin patch. The boys had a blast picking out pumpkins!

Tracing lines with a sheet protector and dry erase markers.
 I also found some great free activities at Kids Soup. With this activity we discussed emotions and facial expressions.

For this activity we practiced colors. For CA I folded his paper in thirds so he could focus a little better, a modification that works well for younger ones or struggling learners. 

Then I got brave and pulled out the paint! Ahhh!! They had a blast!
 Then we painted fall trees with q tips and brown, orange, yellow and red paint.

Their completed tree pictures!

 We had a blast reading, reading and reading!
These are the pumpkin, Fall, and leaves books we read. 

Then we completed our week of fun with a family night with pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and watching the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Overall we had a blast learning all about pumpkins and fall together. The resources for this unit are endless on the sites I found. In fact there is no way I could have done them all, I just picked one unit and ran with it.

I am linking up for the 1st time to Preschool Corner. Feel free to click on the link and check out what other preschooling mommies are doing.

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