Thursday, October 27, 2011

Firefighters, Fire Safety, Fire Stations!

The boys loved our fire safety unit! In fact this unit took 2 weeks, because we had so many fun things to do!

I found an awesome fireman lapbook here at Homeschool Creations that the boys loved! It was a lot of fun to make and use. My husband even saw it and said, "You are so creative." Oh no! I cannot take any credit for anything in this cute lapbook, it is all created and ready for use. Just print and assemble. A lapbook is a file folder with lots of fun thematic activities in it. It reminds me of file folder games from my teaching days.
JP concentrating hard on the puzzle.
The outside cover complete with a 16 piece puzzle. I printed the picture in black and white so JP would have a template to use.

The inside of the fireman lapbook with patterns, colors, vocabulary words, counting, and name spelling.

Here are our fire safety books we used. We had so much fun reading together!

We also colored lots of fireman pictures. You may be wondering what is the toddler of the house doing during a lot of these activities... Well he joins us as much as possible. I use the toddler sites I have found for activities for him.

A little coloring and concentrating going on here. 
We also rented two DVDs from our favorite library! Fireman Sam is a favorite in this house!
We followed up our learning with a field trip to a local fire station! I was very impressed with how friendly and welcoming the fire fighters were. The gave us a tour and explained a lot of their job to us. They gave the kids coloring books, hats, and stickers! It was a lot of fun!

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